2007 NC Teams Challenge

August 9–12

[Posted by Ron Lloyd and Leo McBride]

The North Carolina Teams Challenge is a new event this year. This event will give players in the USCA another opportunity to better their skills for International Test Matches. The tournament will follow a format similar to the MacRobertson Shield. Invitations to the top players in the USCA were sent out in February. The following two teams have been selected by using the WCF Rankings.

North Carolina: Danny Huneycutt, Jeff Soo, Paul Scott, Damon Bidencope, Bob Cherry and Ron Lloyd. USCA: Leo McBride, Jerry Stark, Rich Lamm, Brian Cumming, Stewart Jackson and Doug Grimsley.

There is a difference of 17 in the total rankings of these two teams. This should be a very competitive event and it is hoped that it might be expanded next year to include one or two more teams.