2015 NC District Coaching Tournament info & entry form

Association Croquet (International rules) Coaching Tournament
March 7–8, Pinehurst

Download entry form—PDF file, 37kB


A non-competitive high-low doubles tournament, using 14-point alternate stroke handicap doubles.

The format will be determined after all entries are received. The goal is to give all higher-handicap participants several games partnered with different low-handicap players. The alternate-stroke format is a great teaching opportunity, as well as great fun. We call it a “tournament”, but the emphasis is on coaching, break play, and fun.

As usual, our coaches will include some of the top players and instructors in the country, such as Damon Bidencope, Bob Cherry, Matthew Essick, Danny Huneycutt, and Jeff Soo—NC players with National Championship titles and US Croquet Team experience.

Non-USCA-members may enter, but USCA members have priority if the event is over-subscribed. Otherwise, entry is first-come, first-served, to 24 players in the higher-handicap group (approximately USCA 6 and above), to ensure a good ratio of low to high handicaps.

See the current entry list.