2016 NC Open/Pro-Am info & entry form

Pro-Am: June 15 Open: June16–19 Pinehurst, NC, USA

Current entry list


Two Association Croquet events at the Pinehurst Resort & Country Club: a half-day Pro-Am in alternate stroke doubles, followed by a USCA sanctioned singles tournament. Entry to the Open is open to all players who are current members in good standing of a WCF-affiliated croquet association (such as the USCA, Croq-Can, or the British CA).

The entry fee is US$225 per player. This includes participation in the Pro-Am, USCA sanction fee, an opening reception, and a tournament dinner. The fee for non-playing guests is US$65. Entry to the Pro-Am only is $US25 for play only, or $US50 including the opening reception.

Danny Huneycutt will be the Tournament Director.

Details: First Flight

Available for players with a World Ranking Grade below 1700 and/or USCA handicap above 2. Entry is first-come, first-served, for up to 8 players.

Games will be 26-point advanced play with time limits. Format TBD.

Details: Championship Flight

Room for 16 players. Through April 15th, entries (other than automatic qualifications) will be allocated by ranking. After April 15th any open spots will be allocated by entry date, to players who meet the minimum requirements (world ranking grade of 1600 or higher, or USCA handicap of 3.5 or lower). The waiting list will work the same way: through April 15th the waiting list will be ordered by ranking; after that the existing order will be fixed and new entries will be added to the bottom by date.

Advanced play with no time limits. Format will depend on entry size, but will probably begin with a block or Swiss phase leading to a knockout. The Plate (consolation event) will be in the Flexible Swiss or Egyptian format. The format (including time limits) is subject to change without notice.

About entry ranking order:

The primary determinant will be World Ranking grade, using the most recent available data. Players without a current World Ranking will be assigned a provisional grade according to the judgment of the tournament committee.

Automatic qualifications (must be claimed by April 15th):
Mike Todorovich 2015 NC Open winner
Brian Cumming 2015 NC Open finalist and National doubles winner
Mike Taylor 2015 NC Open semi-finalist
Harper Peterson 2015 NC Open semi-finalist
Jeff Soo 2015 National doubles winner
David Maloof 2015 National singles winner
Ben Rothman 2015 Selection 8s winner

Entry forms

Download entry form—PDF file, 32kB


The format and conditions for any flight are subject to change without notice.

Past Champions

1994 Mack Penwell
1995 Paul Scott
1996 Bill Berne
1997 Mack Penwell
1998 Mack Penwell
1999 Leo McBride
2000 Jeff Soo
2001 Jeff Soo
2002 Wynand Louw
2003 Kenster Rosenberry
2004 Wynand Louw
2005 Bob Cherry
2006 Paul Scott
2007 Danny Huneycutt
2008 Brian Cumming
2009 [was not played]
2010 Ben Rothman
2011 Danny Huneycutt
2012 Brian Cumming
2013 Brian Cumming
2014 Brian Cumming
2015 Mike Todorovich

Last modified on 28 February 2016