2022 NC Club Teams info & entry form

The Penwell Trophy Photo by Jim McGill

July 21–24, Linville

Current entry list


The North Carolina Club Teams Championship is a Golf Croquet (GC) doubles tournament, to be held on several courts in the Linville area. Play will begin the morning of Thursday, July 21, to conclude by mid-afternoon on Sunday, July 24. Play is doubles only, in two or more flights. Expect to play 3-4 games per day.

Eligibility and entry allocation

There is no residency requirement. Each entry must be a doubles pair, with both players current members of the same USCA-affiliated NC croquet club and of the USCA. (NC residents who are At-Large members of the USCA may enter for the At-Large team.) Space is limited to 40 entries (i.e., 80 players) in each event. Each club is initially allocated a maximum of 4 entries (8 players) per event, with an overall limit of 40 entries (80 players). Entries will be accepted first-come, first-served. If a club exceeds its allocation, the extra entries will be placed on a waiting list.

If, as of June 23rd (the “Team Allocation Date”), there is space remaining, the per-club cap will be lifted. The final entry deadline is July 7.

Flight assignments will be based on the average ranking or handicap of the two players. (Exception: an entry with a large handicap difference will play in the flight appropriate for the lower handicap player, as determined by the Tournament Director.) GC players without USCA handicaps will be assigned flights by the Tournament Director.


Each entry will represent their NC croquet club in the Penwell Trophy competition. Points are awarded to each entry that finishes 4th place or higher within a flight. The club with the most points is the winner and will have their name inscribed on the trophy. The winning club will also receive a plaque (no other trophies will be awarded).
The tournament fees include morning coffee and lunch each day, including the Finals Brunch, and the Tournament Dinner.

Tournament registration and practice will be at Linville Ridge only, Wednesday July 20, from 4:00 to 6:00.

The tournament fees include morning coffee and lunch each day, including the Finals Brunch, and the Tournament Dinner.

Entry form

Download entry form—PDF file, 44 kB

Travel information

This is a popular resort area. Book your lodging early.


Linville is in Avery County, at the junction of highways 105, 181 and 221 (about 18 miles SW of Boone). The Eseeola Croquet Club is directly across from the Eseeola Lodge, just south of the traffic light. The other tournament sites, Grandfather and Linville Ridge country clubs, are about two miles north on Hwy 105.

Past champions

Year Club Team Individual
1996 Pinehurst Croquet Club Buzz Lee and Bob Yount (Black Mountain)
1997 Pinehurst Croquet Club Wayne Synan and Stu Jones* (Black Mountain)
1998 Croquet Club of Etowah Valley Mack Penwell and Jeff Soo (Stoneridge)
1999 Eseeola Croquet Club Ed Roberts and Hugh Barger (Davidson)
2000 Pinehurst Croquet Club Harold Allison and Daley Craig (Black Mountain)
2001 Bald Head Island Croquet Club David and Kyle Maloof (Eseeola)
2002 Bald Head Island Croquet Club Bill and Billie Jean Berne (Bald Head)
2003 Meadows Mallet Club Roy Gee and Danny Huneycutt (Meadows)
2004 Meadows Mallet Club Bob Cherry and Mack Penwell (Pinehurst)
2005 Meadows Mallet Club Bill and Billie Jean Berne (Bald Head)
2006 Meadows Mallet Club David Maloof and Bill Denton (High Country)
2007 Meadows Mallet Club Andy Short and Frank Thompson (Stoneridge)
2008 Meadows Mallet Club Andy Short and Eileen Soo (Stoneridge)
2009 Meadows Mallet Club Ed Roberts and Jon Essick (Meadows)
2010 Meadows Mallet Club Steve Summer and Rick Wilhoite (Meadows)
2011 High Country Steve Johnston and David Maloof (High Country)
2012 Meadows Danny Huneycutt & Tom Yates (Meadows)
2013 Pinehurst Danny Huneycutt & Tom Yates (Meadows)
2014 Meadows Jeff Soo & Bob Roth (Stoneridge)
2017 Western Mountains (GC); High Country (6W & overall) Steve Summer & Rick Wilhoite (Meadows—GC); David Maloof & John Taylor (High Country—6W)
2018 High Country Simon Jenkins & Matthew Essick (Meadows—6W); Gene Raymond & Chris Barley (High Country—GC)
2019 High Country Chris Barley & Gene Raymond (High Country—6W); Mike Taylor & Elaine Moody (Pinehurst—GC)
2021 Team West Tom Balding & Chris Barley (West—6W); Ken Scoggins & Jim Teel (West—GC)
* handicap play

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