2000 NC Club Teams

Posted 29 March 2001 to , by Jeff Soo
Pinehurst team members with the Penwell Trophy Photo by Jim McGill

October 5–8, Pinehurst, NC

Fifth year. Seventeen doubles pairs representing six North Carolina clubs competed in three flights. Bisques were allowed in Second Flight games if the team handicaps differed by two or more. Players vied for individual trophies awarded to the winners and runners-up in each flight, and also for the club-level competition for the Penwell Trophy. Each team finishing fourth place or higher within a flight would earn points for their club.

And, in another NC Club Teams tradition, players were offered extra games in an optional and very informal “high-low” doubles event. Players in this event had a different partner in each game, so this was an excellent learning opportunity for the high-handicap players and a fun social mixer for all. Bill Berne was the undisputed king of the “high-low”, winning all six of his games. Binky Albright and Conrad Haas had the best records on the high-handicap side, each winning five games.

The players experienced three different seasons during the tournament. The first two days were summerlike, warm and rather humid. Saturday was a brilliant fall day, and Sunday was gloomy and surprisingly chilly.

With eight teams entered in the tournament, Pinehurst Croquet Club were strong favorites to win the Penwell Trophy competition. Nonetheless, by Sunday morning there were still three clubs in contention to win. Bald Head Island Croquet Club, with three teams entered, were still very much in the running. Stoneridge Croquet Club, with two teams, also had a chance, although they would need to win every game and have some other results go their way as well.

The Pinehurst team clinched the team title with strong performances in the First and Second flights.

Penwell Trophy team competition

1. Pinehurst Croquet Club 13
2. Stoneridge Croquet Club 10
3. Black Mountain Croquet Club 6
4. Bald Head Island Croquet Club 5
5. Croquet Club of Etowah Valley 4
6. Linville Ridge Croquet Club 1

Championship flight

1. Harold Allison & Daley Craig BMCC
2. Jeff Soo & Jack Stevens Stoneridge
3. Bill Berne & Billie Jean Berne BHI
4. Mack Penwell & Al Conolly Pinehurst
5. Carl Siemers & Marilda Siemers Pinehurst
6. Betsy Donaldson & Mena Holloway Pinehurst

First flight

1. Dick Loew & Nancy Loew Pinehurst
2. Curt Valentine & Jerry Sams Etowah
3. Jim McGill & Betty Gamel Pinehurst
4. Jim Moody & Bill Denton Linville Ridge
5. Kathy Kuhasz & Binky Albright Pinehurst
6. Ralph Sams & Joan Allison Etowah

Second flight

1. Marie Haas & Conrad Haas Stoneridge
2. Walter Holloway & Muriel Ryder Pinehurst
3. George Enochs & Jane Enochs BHI
4. Karen Christian & Tom Peyton BHI
5. Jean Dodson & Mary Ott Pinehurst

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