2001 NC Club Teams

Posted 3 August 2001 to , by Jeff Soo

July 26–29, Linville, NC

The sixth annual North Carolina Club Teams Championship was the biggest ever, with sixty-eight players and numerous guests and spectators. It was also the wettest ever, with rain every day. Fortunately (and unusually) there was no lightning, and most of the courts remained playable throughout. With some mid-tournament rescheduling all games were completed and the tournament brought to a timely conclusion.

Like its national-level namesake, this tournament is both an individual competition and a team competition. Trophies are awarded to the winners and runners-up in each flight, while each doubles pair that places fourth or better in their flight earns points for their club team. The club with the most points wins the Penwell Trophy competition.

The biggest entries came from the Bald Head Island and Pinehurst croquet clubs, each sending eight doubles pairs. Black Mountain was just behind with seven doubles pairs. Five other NC croquet clubs also sent teams.

By Sunday morning, three clubs remained in contention to win the Penwell Trophy competition. Surprisingly, one of them was the hometown Eseeola Croquet Club, with just six players entered. All three Eseeola pairings made the playoffs in their respective flights, and if they could win all their matches, plus have some other results go their way, they would win. Black Mountain were strong contenders, while Bald Head Island were the favorites at this point, having locked up first and second places in Fourth Flight and second and third places in Third Flight.

Black Mountain’s hopes ended with semifinal losses in two flights, while all three Eseeola teams advanced to their respective finals. But Bald Head Island clinched the Penwell Trophy competition with a semifinal win in Championship Flight.

The Championship Flight final was won by the father and son team of David and Kyle Maloof, playing against the husband and wife team of Bill and Billie Jean Berne. Kyle, aged fourteen, has little croquet experience but copious croquet talent. The match was an interesting combination of defensive tactics, bold attacks, breaks and hit-ins. Near the end of the game, Billie Jean Berne attacked with a long take-off to set Bill Berne for the winning break. But David Maloof hit a long roquet to disrupt the play. Bill Berne’s final roquet attempt missed and the Maloofs won 19-14.

Penwell Trophy Competition

1. Bald Head Island Croquet Club 20 team pts
2. Eseeola Croquet Club 14
3. Black Mountain Croquet Club 11
4. Pinehurst Croquet Club 9
5. Grandfather Croquet Association 7
6. Stoneridge Croquet Club 2
7. Linville Ridge Croquet Club 2
8. Croquet Club of Etowah Valley 0

Championship Flight

1. David Maloof and Kyle Maloof Eseeola
2. Bill and Billie Jean Berne BHI
3. Jeff Soo and Walt Loehr Stoneridge
4. Keith Nelon and Bob Yount BMCC
5. Mack Penwell and Al Conolly Pinehurst
6. Harold Allison and John Todd Etowah
7. Daley Craig and Chuck Loving BMCC

First Flight

1. Al Hitzelberger and Jim Kent BMCC
2. Chessie Crosby and Mieke Maloof Eseeola
3. Bill Denton and Jim Moody LRCC
4. Sam and Jean Miller Grandfather
5. Jerry Sams and Frank Todd Etowah
6. Kathy Kuhasz and Alan Langley Pinehurst
7. Dick and Nancy Loew Pinehurst

Second Flight

1. Muriel Ryder and Mary Wilson Pinehurst
2. Ev and Lucy Jones Eseeola
3. Jim Seward and Ron Rowand BMCC
4. Mo Howlett and Andy Williamson BMCC
5. Bill and Ann Mullican BHI
6. Joan Allison and Ralph Sams Etowah
7. Conrad and Marie Haas Stoneridge
8. King and Jan Triplett BHI
9. Sterling and Betty Breed Pinehurst

Third Flight

1. Margaret Hodges and Ruthie Windsor-Mann Grandfather
2. George and Jane Enochs BHI
3. Chris and Karen Christian BHI
4. John Craven and Kathy Gilmer BMCC
5. Pat Howlett and Gordon Crosby BMCC

Fourth Flight

1. Dick and Pat Johnston BHI
2. Sky and Mary Conklin BHI
3. Bob Minick and Dick Ott Pinehurst
4. Nadine Epple and Val Minick Pinehurst
5. Emilie McCormick and Mary Ott Pinehurst
6. Austin and Sandra Hyde BHI

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