2001 NC State Championship

Posted 12 September 2001 to , by Jeff Soo

September 6–9, Pinehurst, NC

In a battle of former state champions, Paul Scott beat Andy Short in the final of the 2001 North Carolina State Championship. Scott and Short met three times in the draw and process format, Scott winning two of the three games.

The tournament featured an unusual format in which the players were initially divided into three flights. Each flight played a draw and process, a type of double-elimination ladder. But any player with one or two losses in the elimination events could then enter the consolation Egyptian format event, and this was done as a single flight. This gave players the opportunity to move beyond traditional flight divisions, depending on their level of play.

Paul Scott was the Tournament Director.

Championship Flight

1. Paul Scott
2. Andy Short
3. Hugh Barger
4. Mack Penwell
  Jack Stevens
  Keith Nelon
7. Jim McGill
8. Kathy Kuhasz
9. Al Conolly
10. Carl Siemers
11. Gary Smith
12. Dick Loew
13. Betsy Donaldson
  Mena Holloway

First Flight

1. Jim Seward
2. Mary Wilson
3. Marie Haas
4. Allan Jefferys
5. Bill Taft
6. Harvey Ledbetter
7. Dick DeMarois
8. Charles Christian
9. Betty Breed
10. Sterling Breed
11. Conrad Haas
12. June Jefferys
13. Herb Diamond
  Bruce Falls

Second Flight

1. Dick Johnston
2. Bob Minick
3. Tom Ryan
4. Sandra Hyde
5. Lynn Diamond
6. Beryl Carver
7. Austin Hyde

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