2005 Solomon Trophy final report

Posted 28 March 2005 to , by Jeff Soo

The 2005 Solomon Trophy is the first time a US team has led or stayed even with GB through the event’s first four rounds. Tied 7-all (with GB leading in the pegged-down doubles match) at the start of the final day, the Americans had a real chance of winning the test match for the first time ever. But the Brits quashed that hope quickly and completely, winning all seven of the remaining matches. Thus, despite the strong start, USA did not even equal their high-water mark of eight wins, achieved in 2002.

Matt Burrow had the honor of winning the decisive match. The best turn of the day was Robert Fulford’s sextuple peel. As it happened, the test match was already decided at that point. But GB’s captain put on a crowd-pleasing performance, essentially accomplishing everything he wanted on the turn, peeling 1b after 2, 2b before 4, 3b before 5, 4b (on a rush peel) before 2b, penult before 3b, and finishing with a straight rover peel from a few inches in front of the hoop.

[Apologies for the delayed posting, but we had to catch a flight last night. Or at least we thought we did; it turned out to be delayed into the wee hours of this morning.]

Complete scores:

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