2005 Solomon Trophy playing order

Posted 23 March 2005 to Test Matches, Tournaments by Jeff Soo
Team USA: Bob Cherry, Jeff Soo (kneeling), Jerry Stark, Curtis Drake, Danny Huneycutt (kneeling), Mack Penwell, Damon Bidencope Photo by Eileen Kupstas Soo

The singles order and doubles pairings were exchanged by the team Captains on Wednesday afternoon. The schedule of play for the Test will be:

  1. round one doubles on Thursday
  2. round two doubles starts on Thursday afternoon
  3. round one singles on Friday
  4. round two doubles continued on Friday afternoon
  5. round three doubles on Saturday
  6. round two double continued (hopefully concluded) on Saturday afternoon
  7. round two singles on Sunday

The doubles pairings:

Team USA


The order of play for singles:


  1. Stark
  2. Drake
  3. Bidencope
  4. Cherry
  5. Soo
  6. Huneycutt


  1. Fulford
  2. Burrow
  3. Mulliner
  4. Gibbons
  5. Death
  6. Lines

Play begins at 9.00am on Thursday morning. The round one doubles matchups are:

Round two doubles matchups are: