2008 USCA Southeast Regional Championship

Posted 25 May 2008 to , by Jeff Soo

The USCA Southeast Regional Championship made its now traditional triennial swing through South Carolina, as the Coastal Croquet Clubs alliance hosted the tournament on seven lawns at five venues in the Hilton Head area. Of note is the beautiful new two-lawn facility at Palmetto Bluff, also the site of a three-day Tournament Play School prior to the tournament.

Sixty-one players took part in singles and doubles in four flights. Trophy winners from North Carolina include Ralph Heinz, winner of Third Flight Singles; Russ Hanson, runner-up in Second Flight Singles; Bob & Judy Porter, runners-up in Second Flight Doubles; George Enochs, runner-up (with John Warlick) in First Flight Doubles and third place in First Flight Singles; Keith Nelon, runner-up (with Bill Escher) in Championship Doubles; Bill & Billie Jean Berne, winners in Championship Doubles; Bill Berne, runner-up in Championship Singles.

The Bernes have won Championship Doubles at this tournament four times now (previous wins in ’97, ’02, and ’05; Bill also has two earlier wins with different partners.) While still associated with the Bald Head Island club, the Bernes are now South Carolina residents, and as such they led a very successful trophy haul by the South Carolina contingent. Including the Bernes, South Carolina pairs won all four doubles flights, along with Championship and Second Flight Singles.

Jack Chase was the sole Virginia representative at the tournament, and did his part for his state by winning First Flight Singles. Chase won Second Flight singles last year, so his prospects look good for 2009.

Championship Singles

1. Ken Scoggins
2. Bill Berne
3. Bob Chilton
4. Bill Escher
5. Bill McLaughlin
6. Linda Huxtable
7. Frank Thompson
8. John Knott
9. Tommy Harrington
10. Keith Nelon
11. Billie Jean Berne
12. Ron Huxtable
13. John Curington
14. Bill Bopp (WD)

First Flight Singles

1. Jack Chase
2. Marge Cramer
3. George Enochs
4. Ken Anderson
5. Bob Newburn
6. John Warlick
7. Mike Taylor
8. Otto Wahlrab
9. Henry Vaughan
10. Stan Abrahamson
11. Jim Saunders
12. Tom Yates
13. Becky Essick

Second Flight Singles

1. Harvey Geiger
2. Russ Hanson
3. Jim Creegan
4. Frank Crocitto
5. Rich Watson
6. Bill Vandergriff
7. William Crow
8. Cindy Bagby
9. Ellen Corbett
10. Bob Porter
11. Rose Cannon
12. Helen Hodges
13. Mary-Stewart Regensburg
14. Carole Crow
15. Jane Enochs
16. Mike Swartz
17. Andrew Regensburg
18. Judy Porter
19. Barbara Sherburne

Third Flight Singles

1. Ralph Heinz
2. Russell Rymer
3. Jo Abrahamson
4. Barbara Titus
5. Walter Sommer
6. Dean Hewitt
7. Joan Dietz
8. Chris Christensen
9. Barbara Sommer
10. Tanis Crocitto
11. Karen Comeau
12. Julia Wallace (WD)

Championship Doubles

1. Bill Berne & Billie Jean Berne
2. Keith Nelon & Bill Escher
3. Ken Scoggins & Bill Bopp
4. John Knott & Bill McLaughlin
5. Frank Thompson & Tommy Harrington
6. Linda Huxtable & Ron Huxtable
7. Bob Chilton & John Curington

First Flight Doubles

1. Marge Cramer & Jim Saunders
2. George Enochs & John Warlick
3. Mike Taylor & Jack Chase
4. Becky Essick & Tom Yates
5. Bob Newburn & Henry Vaughan
6. Ken Anderson & Stan Abrahamson

Second Flight Doubles

1. Harry Moore & Harvey Geiger
2. Judy Porter & Bob Porter
3. Frank Crocitto & Bill Vandergriff
4. Ellen Corbett & Jim Creegan
5. Russ Hanson & Andrew Regensburg
6. Rich Watson & Mary-Stewart Regensburg
7. Mike Swartz & Barbara Sherburne
8. Carole Crow & Helen Hodges
9. Cindy Bagby & Rose Cannon

Third Flight Doubles

1. Jo Abrahamson & Dean Hewitt
2. Barbara Sommer & Tanis Crocitto
3. Joan Dietz & Barbara Titus
4. Walt Sommer & Russ Rymer
5. Artie Heape & Martha Clymer