2011 NC Open final report

Posted 12 June 2011 to , by Jeff Soo
Mike Taylor, 2011 NC Open Plate winner Photo by Eileen Kupstas Soo

Danny Huneycutt won his second North Carolina Open, beating defending champion Ben Rothman +26tp, +26, +26tp in the final. The two players now have a well-established rivalry as the top players in North America, and were consistently the best performers throughout the tournament. Huneycutt did not drop a game, winning 15/15 with nine triples and a sextuple. Rothman finished 12/16 with six triples, a quintuple, and two sextuples, easily defending as holder of the Biscuit Barrel for top peeler.

Brian Cumming finished third, winning the third-place playoff match against Stuart Lawrence +26tp, +24tp.

Sixteen players entered the four-day tournament, held in summer-like heat and humidity on the Pinehurst Resort’s four lawns. Lawns 1 and 4 were in excellent condition, with firm ground and consistent pace. Lawns 2 and 3, after recent heavy topdressing, were variably paced and not as flat; sandy areas around some hoops were a particular challenge. Thunderstorms threatened at times, but luckily held off during play.

The quality of the courts and the high level of play allowed best-of-five matches for the semifinals and final, an innovation for a US tournament.

Pinehurst club member Mike Taylor did his first tournament triple on Saturday in the Plate. His fellow club member Horace Hayworth duplicated the feat later that day. Taylor went on to win the Plate, beating Rob Hurst in the final.

Ron Lloyd and Jeff Soo directed the tournament.

Order of finish

  1. Danny Huneycutt
  2. Ben Rothman
  3. Brian Cumming
  4. Stuart Lawrence
  5. Mike Taylor
  6. Rob Hurst
  7. Jeff Soo
  8. Tom Yates
  9. Steve Summer
  10. Charlie Gillmarten
  11. Horace Hayworth
  12. Ed Roberts
  13. Tommy Harrington
  14. Jon Essick
  15. Chris Christian
  16. Bill Hartmann

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