2013 NC Open, day 2 report

Posted 12 April 2013 to , by Jeff Soo

The Championship blocks are nearly finished, and even with one round still to play, the final six have already been determined — only the seeding remains to be worked out. By ranking the only minor upset in this grouping is Robert Hurst advancing over Rick Wilhoite. All the other top seeds — Huneycutt, Cumming, Lawrence, Soo, and Cherry — will advance to the knockout.

With dry and windy weather, freshly-cut lawns, and newly-set hoops, conditions could become a bit more interesting. Play today started with a flurry of triple peels, but as the wind picked up so did the error rate, and the number of successful triples declined accordingly.

First Flight is well under way, seven players playing a complete block, with the top two advancing to the final.