2014 NC Open finals report

Posted 27 April 2014 to , by Jeff Soo
Brian Cumming lines up a pegout in game 1 of the 2014 NC Open final while opponent Stuart Lawrence looks on. Photo by Jeff Soo

Brian Cumming (Elora, Ontario) has won his third straight NC Open. In the final he beat Stuart Lawrence (Brooklyn, NY) +17tp, -18tp, +16.

Lawrence won the peeling competition for the Biscuit Barrel, with three triples and one double.

Russ Hanson won First Flight with a 7/8 record.

Jeff Soo won the Plate knockout, beating Mike Todorovich +24 in the final.

Championship Flight

1. Brian Cumming
2. Stuart Lawrence
=3. Matthew Essick
=3. Doug Grimsley
5. Jeff Soo
6. Mike Todorovich
7. Simon Jenkins
8. Robert Hurst
9. Horace Hayworth
10. Mike Taylor
11. Bob Roth
12. Harper Peterson
13. Dick Sullivan
14. Tommy Harrington
15. Bob Whitmore
16. Paul Embry
17. Bill Bopp
18. Chris Christian

First Flight

1. Russ Hanson
2. Russ Dilley
3. Becky Essick
4. Mike Conry
5. Bill Rinaman

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