2022 North Carolina State Championship (American Six-Wicket)

Posted 24 October 2022 to , by Jeff Soo

October 20–23, Bald Head Island Club

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Mike Taylor won the thirty-fifth annual North Carolina 6W state championship, beating six-time winner Jeff Soo twice in a row in the double-elimination final. Tom Locke, playing in his first 6W tournament, won First Flight with a 7-1 record.

The tournament returned to the Bald Head Island Club for the first time since 2016. The three courts were in excellent shape, playing quite fast by the weekend. Championship Flight had eleven players and started with two blocks, the top four from each advancing to the hybrid double-elimination/single-elimination ladder (the top two from each block starting in the two-life bracket). First Flight had eight players, some playing their first-ever 6W tournament. They played a complete block of seven rounds, with no playoff unless needed to break a first-place tie.

Block A played out according to form, top seed Soo finishing 4-0 and twice-defending champion Adam Lassiter going 3-1 for second place. Taylor won Block B on 5-0, the next four players finishing in a tight group of 3-2 and 2-3 records. John Lassiter edged out Harper Peterson for second place and the final spot in the two-life bracket; John’s brother Josh Lassiter lost out in a net-points tiebreak to their uncle Rodney Lassiter. Soo won the top bracket to advance to the final. John Lassiter won through to the bottom bracket final, where he met Taylor. Taylor won with some agressive break pick-ups and generally error-free play.

After two days of play, First Flight had turned into a four-way race with four players tied on 3-1. By Saturday’s end three players remained with one loss each: Locke, Randy Lassiter, and John Gottshall. Lassiter would play Gottshall in Sunday’s final block round, so when Lassiter won that game he was guaranteed a share of first-place. Locke also won his final block game, so the two met in the single-game final. Locke had won their block game by a single point, and he did likewise in the final, winning 13-12.

Taylor and Soo each made errors in both games of the double-elimination final. Taylor won the first game easily, 26-5. Soo had more chances in the second game, but missed a return roquet after running 4 nearly to the boundary, and leaving a laid four-ball break for Taylor. He kept control of the game into last turns, when he opted to roll his balls off the lawn along the treacherous north boundary. Soo’s two shots missed, and Taylor won 21-13 for his first 6W state title.

The tournament was directed by Jeff Soo and managed by Len Miller.

—Jeff Soo, T.D.

Championship Singles

  1. Mike Taylor
  2. Jeff Soo
  3. John Lassiter
  4. Harper Peterson
  5. Adam Lassiter
  6. Rodney Lassiter
  7. Rob Byrd
  8. Elaine Moody
  9. Joshua Lassiter
  10. Dick Johnston
  11. Len Miller

First Flight Singles

  1. Tom Locke
  2. Randy Lassiter
  3. John Gottshall
  4. Kim Gottshall
  5. Betty Robinson
  6. John May
  7. Hillary Lassiter
  8. Jeanmarie Dellosso