New program for learning Association Croquet

Posted 11 December 2003 to , by Jeff Soo

Another initiative from NC District President Danny Huneycutt is the new Association Croquet Development Program, designed to provide opportunities for players in and around North Carolina to learn about Association Croquet (aka “International Rules”).

Forty-two players participated in the first session, held December 6–7 at Pinehurst. Several of NC’s top Association Croquet players volunteered as instructors: Damon Bidencope, Bob Cherry, Danny Huneycutt, Paul Scott, Andy Short and Jeff Soo.

The players were divided into four groups according to break play skills and experience with Association Croquet. Each day’s program started with clinic sessions in the mornings followed by doubles games in the afternoon. Players were encouraged to explore ideas in the game play session through analysis and discussion of tactics and techniques.

The C and D level groups combined for demonstrations of the differences between American 6-Wicket and Association Croquet, and an in-depth discussion of opening tactics. The D group then focussed on break play using bisques, while the C group worked on refining break play.

The A and B groups covered a range of advanced-play topics with an emphasis on openings and picking up breaks.

The next session of the Association Croquet Development Program will be held January 10–11 at the Pinehurst Resort. Contact Danny Huneycutt for information.

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