Carolina Women’s Croquet 2004

Posted 14 June 2004 to , by Jeff Soo

The second annual Carolina Women’s Croquet tournament met its dual goals of providing a venue for women croquet players to improve their competitive skills, while raising money for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

A large contingient of Florida players came north to do battle with Carolinians and others at the Carolina Women’s Croquet tournament, held June 3–6 at Pinehurst. Palm Beach and Hamptons player Ruth Summers topped the Championship Singles field, while Carolina players were the winners in most of the other categories. Eileen Soo (NC) and Joan Dietz (SC) won, respectively, First and Second Flight singles. NC players Carol Cherry and Becky Essick won the “B” doubles.

The upset of the tournament was in the “A” doubles final, where Marie Haas and Cassandra Gaisor beat the much higher-ranked Summers and Josie Jackson.

Last modified on 12 December 2004