Junior Division at Regionals

Posted 31 May 2006 to , by Jeff Soo
2006 USCA Southeast Regional Juniors players: L to R — Doug Clark-Brown, Aubrey Clark-Brown, Jordan Clark-Brown, Bill Hartmann (coach), Katie Bullock, Matthew Essick, Jordan Cornell, Katie Simmons, Kayla Smith, Jonathon Mosley, Travis Lowman, Ryan Sigman, David Maxon Photo by Bill Hartmann

The 2006 USCA Southeast Regional Championship featured a Juniors division for the first time. Most of the players were part of Bill Hartmann’s croquet program at Gamewell Middle School. Another participant was seven-year-old Matthew Essick, who placed third. Essick’s father (Jon) and grandmother (Becky) also played in the tournament.

The upcoming USCA Golf Croquet National Championship, to be played in Lexington, NC, will also feature a junior division.


1. Aubrey Clark-Brown
2. Douglas Clark-Brown
3. Matthew Essick
4. Ryan Sigman
5. Katie Simmons
6. Jordan Cornell
7. Kayla Smith
8. Travis Lowman
9. David Maxon
9. Katie Bullock
11. Jordan Clark-Brown
11. Jonathan Mosley