New program for rules & referee training

Posted 17 September 2003 to , by Jeff Soo

NC District President Danny Huneycutt has announced a new program to provide clinics for rules and referee training, to begin in 2004:

Rules and referee training is a vital ingredient for maintaining and developing a strong croquet program in our district. Whether you want a more thorough understanding of the rules or if you want to advance to certification, we have designed this program to enhance your croquet experience. By participating you will make us a stronger district and yourself a better player. By improving our knowledge of the game we will also improve the quality of play at the club level and at our tournaments.

Each clinic will take a day and a half. Referee testing sessions will be offered a few weeks after each clinic. Even players who have no intention of becoming certified referees will benefit from taking a clinic, by learning the finer points of the rules, plus practical knowledge about faults, wiring and other mysteries.

The tentative schedule includes a clinic at Pinehurst March 20–21, followed by testing April 17; and a clinic at Linville September 11–12, followed by testing September 25. More information will be posted when the schedule has been confirmed.

Last modified on 12 December 2004