NC players at Solomon Trophy

Posted 10 August 2004 to , by Jeff Soo

Bob Cherry (Pinehurst) and Jeff Soo (Chapel Hill) were selected to Team USA for the annual Solomon Trophy matches against Great Britain. While the highly-ranked British squad ran out a comfotable victory over the Americans, Cherry and Soo each won one of their two singles matches. After losing the first game to world number 30 Matthew Burrow, Cherry fought back to win the best-of-three-games match. Soo won his match against world number one Robert Fulford in the same fashion. Soo also won two of his three doubles matches, partnered with Colorado player Rich Lamm.

Both players also competed in the British Open championships. Cherry’s performance there has bumped him to number five on the US ranking list for Association Croquet.

Last modified on 8 December 2004