US Croquet Team features NC players—again

Posted 4 February 2006 to Test Matches, People by Jeff Soo

Four North Carolina croquet players have been called up to play in the World Series—the Croquet World Series for the MacRobertson Shield, that is. Damon Bidencope (Charlotte), Bob Cherry (Pinehurst), Danny Huneycutt (Lexington), and Jeff Soo (Durham) have been named to the six-member team that will travel to Melbourne, Australia this November. They will be joined by Jerry Stark (California) and Rich Lamm (Colorado).

The “MacRob”, as the series is commonly known, is contested by teams from what might be termed the G4 of croquet: Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, and the United States. Each team plays each of the others in a series of head-to-head “test matches” over a period of two to three weeks. The MacRobertson Shield is unquestionably one of the very top prizes in the world of croquet.