2006 AGM Minutes

Posted 3 September 2006 to , by Jeff Soo


The Annual General Meeting of the USCA—NC District was called to order at 9:04 PM by President Danny Huneycutt. Danny began by giving recognition to 4th Flight players Emilie McCormick and Gene Blystone and Rhonda Summers and Danna Huneycutt for being the only teams scoring 26 points in the first two days of play.


Bill Berne made a motion to dispense with the reading of the 2005 Annual General Meeting Minutes and that they be approved as written.

President’s Report

Danny began by thanking the High Country croquet clubs for hosting the Club Teams Doubles tournament, with special recognition to Mieke Maloof for making all the arrangements. Also, special thanks and recognition were given to Kathy Kuhasz, Secretary, and to Dick Ott, Treasurer, who will be retiring at the end of this year. New officers approved by the advisory committee are Becky Essick, Secretary; Rhonda Summers, Treasurer; and Frank Thompson, Vice President.

Tournament highlights from the past year:

The Meadows Mallet Club is hosting the NC State Singles Championship in the Winston-Salem/Lexington area this year. They now have 4 courts at the local high school and 3 others within a five to fifteen minute drive, for a total of 7 courts. They are also hosting the USCA National Golf Championship on September 14–17, 2006.

Also, in the last few years, we began growing Association Croquet year and we’ve shown that NC has some of the best players. As an example of this, starting Saturday, July 29, the Carter Challenge tournament (USA vs. Ireland) will begin in Dublin, Ireland. North Carolinian Andy Short is a member of Team USA. The 2006 MacRobertson Shield Team has 4, of the 6 player team, from NC—Jeff Soo, Bob Cherry, Damon Bidencope, and Danny Huneycutt. This tournament is held every 4 years and consists of some tough competition between the top 4 countries—US, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. This year it will be held in Australia in November.

Treasurer’s Report

Reporting for Dick Ott, Danny stated we began 2006 with a balance of $3,825 and as of 7/28/06 we have a balance of $20,322. After paying the expenses associated with the Club Teams Doubles, we should be back down in the $4-5,000 range by year end.

Vice-President’s Report

Frank Thompson announced that there will be a District Planning Committee Meeting on October 21st in Pinehurst. He will also be soliciting members for contributions to the Lee Olsen Fund. This fund was established in honor of Lee to support American players in international competition. He is also involved in the 9-Wicket croquet game and trying to get more people involved in it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to call or email him.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Kuhasz
Secretary, USCA—NC District