2007 AGM Minutes

Posted 8 August 2007 to , by Jeff Soo


Frank Thompson called the Annual General Meeting of the USCA—NC District to order. Frank began by giving recognition to the three host teams, Linville Ridge, Grandfather Country Club and Eseeola, who together form High Country, for the splendid job they did this year. Recognition was also given to the excellent job done by David and Mieke Maloof.


Danny Huneycutt made a motion to dispense with the reading of the 2006 Annual General Meeting Minutes and that they be approved as written. Ron Lloyd seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report

Rhonda Summer stated we began 2007 with a balance of $3,576.97 and as of 7/17/07, we have a balance of $20,991.44. The expenses associated with the NC Teams Tournament have not as yet been paid. Rhonda has copies of the Treasurer’s Report for anyone wishing one.

Presentation of Awards by USCA Regional Vice-President Gene Young

The USCA Regional VP Gene Young talked briefly about the Junior Croquet program in NC and in general in the US. North Carolina has the largest Junior program in the country. This year, at the National General Meeting, the USCA named 3 outstanding NC Junior Croquet players to share the Jr. Rookie of the Year award. They are: Matthew Essick from Meadows Mallet Club and David Maxon and Kayla Smith from Gamewell Middle School Croquet Club. Gene presently each with a plaque in recognition of their achievements in NC Junior Croquet.

Lastly, Gene recognized Bill Hartmann and all the hard work he does and announced Gamewell Croquet Club as Junior Club of the Year for the UCSA,

Report from Eileen Soo, USCA First Vice President

Eileen opened by saying that this tournament (NC Teams Championship) is the largest croquet tournament held anywhere. This year we had 52 teams from 9 clubs. She echoed the praise Frank has given High Country for the hosting of this event.

She reported on the annual planning meeting of the USCA. This year it was decided that the USCA needs to refocus on the local clubs. The slogan for the 2007–08 season will be “Croquet Is Local”. The USCA is interested in your junior programs, collegiate programs and all the ways NC is keeping the interest up for croquet. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact Eileen, Frank, or Gene Young. The USCA is always interested in your input to make it and NC the best it can be.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the USCA, founded by Jack Osborne in 1977. The USCA National Championship will be held at the Meadows Club in Southampton, New York on October 1–7. We would like all that can to attend this milestone 30th Championship. In conjunction with this, we are having a fundraiser. We hope to raise $30,000. The primary uses would be two-fold: First, for the continuing development of programs in the junior and collegiate levels of croquet. The second is to reinstitute the “Traveling Instructors Program”. This is something that has fallen by the wayside. Recognized instructors will come to your local area for instruction on rules and technique. This will enforce the “Croquet Is Local” mantra the USCA is refocusing on in 2007–08.

In closing, Eileen thanked everyone for coming, for participating and for making NC croquet the best in the country.

Association Croquet in NC Report

Frank said that NC is the center of Association Croquet in the US. He then introduced Danny to give a report on Association Croquet.

Danny started by saying how proud the 4 NC members of the MacRobertson team were to represent the United States and North Carolina in Australia for three weeks. The four-team members were Danny Huneycutt, Jeff Soo, Damon Bidencope, and Bob Cherry. Jerry Stark of CA and Rich Lamm of CO joined them to make up the US team.

For the past 3 or 4 years, NC has been putting on an Association Clinic at Pinehurst in early March. We have 8 or more instructors, all nationally ranked croquet players in NC, who give of their time and expertise to promote and educate all who are interested. The small fee charged for the tournament goes into an international fund to help with expenses as all of our NC players travel to compete in international events. They are not only representing the US but NC as well.

Danny gave a report on the “NC vs. the World” test match that occurred at Pinehurst in June. We had the strongest international field in the world today come and participate in singles and doubles with our guys. It was eye opening to the spectators to see the level of play. We had lots of commentary and demonstrations for the crowds. They also played a high-low golf croquet tournament with the Pinehurst hosts who graciously opened their homes to all the international players.

In August 9–12, a NC contingent of Danny Huneycutt, Jeff Soo, Paul Scott, Damon Bidencope, Bob Cherry, and Ron Lloyd will take on the best in North America. This will be played in Pinehurst. Please come and watch the level of play. These are exciting times in North Carolina for croquet.

Also, Danny Huneycutt and Ron Lloyd have been selected to represent the US in the World Championships in New Zealand in February 2008.

Old and New Business

Dick Johnston spoke eloquently of coming each year to this tournament where we have such good times and greet old friends. Several of our dear friends could not be with us this year, Bill and Billie Jean Berne and Bill and Billie Jean Taft. As we stood and toasted them, Dick concluded by hoping they are all with us next year.

Frank reminded everyone to sign up for the National Golf Championships that will be played in Pinehurst August 15–19. Also, The NC State Singles will be held in Linville this year Sept. 6–9. You need to get your applications in early. With no further old or new business, Frank adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Essick
Secretary, USCA—NC District