2007 Planning Meeting Minutes

Posted 16 November 2007 to , by Becky Essick

Minutes From the 2007 USCA-NC District Planning Meeting October 20, 2007 Pinehurst Resort & Country Club

The 2007 Planning meeting of the USCA—NC District was called to order at 9:00am on Oct. 20, 2007 by Frank Thompson, President. A total of 17 people attended, representing 7 NC clubs, as well as Jack Chase, Conrad Haas and Barry Williams representing the VA/WVA District.


The first order of business was a membership report by Becky Essick, Sec. The 2006 season ended with 293 USCA members on roll and 102 inactive members for a total of 395. This number did not include the junior members from Gamewell. As of October, 2007, we have 362 USCA members (note: 46 are out-of-state, but pay dues to a NC Club to play in state tournaments). We have 82 Junior USCA members and 109 non-USCA members and inactive members on roll. The total members for 2007 is 553. We have 18 USCA Clubs in NC: Bald Head Island, Black Mountain, Carolina Meadows, Cedars Country Club, Chattooga, Davidson, Deerfield, Eseeola, Etowah, Fearrington, Gamewell, Grandfather CC, Highland Strikers, Linville Ridge, Longleaf, Meadows Mallet, Pinehurst CC and Stoneridge. This year, Becky kept up with any NC members playing in published tournaments. We had 390 entries (87 were Jrs.) Of these, 77 were one-time entrants, 69 were multiple entrants. This means that 33% of the NC District Members are playing in tournaments.

Becky has updated the membership roster to reflect all new members, deceased and inactive. She has all email addresses available. Over 70% of our members have email addresses now. Each club represented received an up-to-date list, both as a way to be in touch with fellow members, but also to correct and give Becky any changes. If any club not present would like a copy, please contact Becky at ressick1@triad.rr.com.


Rhonda Summer, USCA—NC District Treasurer gave out itemized copies of the report for 2007. We have a balance of $3,448.36. This year we went in the hole on the Teams, NC Open and NC Singles, with the teams being the largest: $3,718.31. The district is not a money making endeavor, rather just trying to maintain a balance. The fees for all tournaments has not risen in many, many years. It was voted to raise the fees to reflect the rising cost of running tournaments. The teams tournament was the one which needed the most reflection. One of the decisions involved the social guests fees. The food budget at teams, with the Banquet, Brunch and daily boxed lunches and on-course drinks, is one of the more elaborate of our tournaments. The members like the nuances that the teams tournament has. The social fee covered only half of the actual cost. In addition, the juniors fee were lower, and again, didn’t cover the cost. It was voted to raise the tournament fee to $200 and the social fee to $125.

The committee also heard a motion from Danny Huneycutt, Jeff Soo and Andy Short, 3 members of the international team, that we incorporate the money earmarked for the International team (1/2 of the $50 clinic fee) into the general fund, until such time as it is healthy again.

Referee Training

Referee Training has a low profile. The committee hopes to bring it to the forefront. If any club wants to have referee training, they need approx. 10–12 prospects. Please let Jeff Soo know. Also talked of reinstating the informal rules clinic on Wed. afternoon before the Teams tournament begins on Thursday.

USCA Update

Eileen Soo, USCA Vice-President, gave a report on the national committees and what the USCA wants to do in the coming year to promote croquet. Firstly, they need volunteers! They will be stressing the “Croquet is Local” program next year by going to visit local clubs in need of instruction and using their expertise will help them get and keep the ball rolling to promote a healthy club. The USCA raised $30,000 to be used for supporting the junior programs, the collegiate programs in the US and for the traveling instructors program.

2008 Calendar of Events

Provisional Schedule of NC Croquet events for 2008 with entry fee indicated:

Date Venue Event Entry fee
March 8–9 Pinehurst Association Rules Clinic $50
March 27–30 Pinehurst NC Open Qualifying $175
Aprch 9–13 Pinehurst NC Open Championship $175
May 14–18 Hilton Head SE Regional
July 24–27 Linville NC Club Teams $200
September 4–7 Pinehurst NC Singles $175

CARVA Challenge

Jack Chase from Gloucester, Va; Conrad Haas from Suffolk, Va; and Barry Williams from Ronceverte, WV attended our planning meeting to talk about the CARVA tournament. It is VA-WVA’s turn to host. They now have enough participation from their clubs to have 15 players. The NC/SC districts will pick 15 to go against them. The tournament will be July 10–13 or July 17–20 at the three courts in the Fulks Run area of western Virginia.

Juniors Program

Bill Hartmann and Gene Young, Regional VP of the USCA made a report on the Juniors program. Gamewell’s courts are finished. They still need a roller and also a trailer to house the clubs, balls and boards. Bill wants to have a monthly tournament for the juniors, some going into their 3rd year. They have played most recently at Black Mountain and will be playing in Nov. at Etowah. Many thanks to these clubs for welcoming these avid players. The older ones have progressed to 6 wicket. They are also now in high school. The on-going program at Gamewell Middle has new 6th graders learning Golf Croquet. Gamewell Croquet has plans to open membership to the community. Gene reiterated the need to get any juniors involved in croquet at all NC clubs. The youth are the lifeblood of the future of croquet. They need our help, encouragement and patience.


The NC Website is maintained by Jeff Soo. Since we have over 70% of members email addresses, Jeff will look into programs which automatically let them know when something knew has been added. The forum has not had much traffic lately. Jeff is contemplating disabling it.

Becky said the newsletter is floundering due the frustration of not being able to get any news from the majority of the clubs. The human-interest stories, however, are very welcomed. Becky will give the latest story, written by Ruthie Windsor-Mann, to Jeff to put on the website. Becky will be looking for interesting people in croquet and people to write stories about them. They will be put on the NC website.

Frank plans to hold the annual conference call with all the Presidents of NC clubs in early 2008. Becky gave him the necessary info to contact them.

Frank talked about ways to market croquet in North Carolina. Conrad Haas mentioned a Common Sense for Croquet book he has for distribution. Any suggestions to bring croquet to more people would be welcome.

Frank asked everyone to remember the Lee Olsen Fund.

With no further business, Frank adjourned the meeting. Participants went to lunch and then played the Planning Meeting Tourney.