Croquet NC Events Calendar

USCA-sanctioned events in North Carolina, plus selected regional, national and international events. Events run by Croquet NC are highlighted.

Event (link) Contact Description
Date & location
USCA GC Club Teams Email
Dec 1–3 | Venice, FL
USCA GC Nationals Email
Feb 12–18, 2024 | Rancho Mirage, CA
USCA Croquet Week Golf Croquet Email
Mar 8–10, 2024 | National Croquet Center
USCA Club Team Championship Email American-rules doubles in several flights
Mar 14–17, 2024 | National Croquet Center
USCA AC Nationals Email
Mar 18–24, 2024 | Venice, FL
USCA GC Eights Email Golf Croquet singles
Apr 10–14, 2024 | Venice, FL
USCA Southeast Regional (American 6-Wicket) Email American rules singles and doubles
May 1–5, 2024 | Pinehurst, NC
NC Open Email Association Croquet singles on 4 courts at the Pinehurst Croquet Club
May 9–12, 2024 | Pinehurst, NC
USCA Selection Eights Email Association Croquet singles. Players to be selected by the USCA Selection Committee.
Sep 17–21, 2024 | Hartfield, VA
Pinehurst Invitational Email American rules
Sep 25–29, 2024 | Pinehurst
USCA Southeast Regional (Golf Croquet) Email Golf Croquet singles and doubles
Oct 1–5, 2024 | Linville, NC
USCA National Championships Email
Oct 6–12, 2024 | Hartfield, VA
WCF World GC Championship Qualifier Email Golf Croquet singles, entry prioritized by world ranking
Oct 15–17, 2024 | National Croquet Center
NC State Championship Email American-rules singles in two or more flights.
Oct 17–20, 2024 | Belvidere, NC
GC World Championship
Oct 18–27, 2024 | West Palm Beach, FL
USCA Seniors & Masters Championships Email
Nov 6–10, 2024 | National Croquet Center
USCA GC Club Teams Email
Dec 6–8, 2024 | Venice, FL
GC World Team Championship
Feb 17–23, 2025 | St Leonards, Tasmania, Australia